1 What kind of audition is this?
This audition is presented by LDH EUROPE, a company which is headed by Afrojack. It is an audition to find vocalists / rappers for the next global pop group which will be executive produced by Afrojack.
2 What are the dates for this audition?
Please go to the top page of this website and you will see the list of cities and dates. The time and address of the venue will only be sent via e-mail to those who have completed the application process.
3 About how many people have applied for these auditions?
We cannot disclose this information.
4 What are the criteria to pass these auditions?
We cannot disclose this information.
5 I am currently taking part in other auditions. Can I apply to this audition as well?
If you are still unsigned to any record label or management company, you can apply for these auditions.
6 What kind of photographs should I upload / submit?
Please upload one headshot photo and one full body photo which you have taken within the past three months. Please do not send any photos that have been photoshopped, photos with you wearing sunglasses or a hat, someone else’s photo or any sexual or otherwise indecent photos.
7 Are there any fees that I have to pay to participate in these auditions?
There are no fees involved in order to apply. However, you will be responsible to pay for any transportation costs to and from the audition venue and/or hotel costs to participate in the first and second round. All fees will be paid for by LDH EUROPE BV regarding the third and final round which will take place in TOKYO, JAPAN on August 24th to August 31st, 2018.
8 Can I apply for auditions in multiple cities?
Please apply to only one city.
9 Can you confirm as to whether you properly received my application?
If you receive an e-mail with the subject title “GLOBAL VBA Application Received”, we have properly received your application. Otherwise, we will not be able to confirm receipt of individual applications.
10 How will you use the personal information which I submitted?
We will only use your personal information for purposes of these auditions, such as for notifications as to the result of your auditions. Your personal information will be administered under strict privacy policy guidelines. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties unless: it is necessary to disclose to affiliated third party companies for the purpose of operating or promoting these auditions or if legally required to do so.
11 Can I bring someone with me to the venue?
You can bring someone but only the applicant will be able to enter the main hall where the actual auditions will take place.
12 Will you let us know the results of our audition that same day?
Those who pass the first round will receive an e-mail on a later date.
13 How do we apply for these auditions?
Please see “How to Apply” for the step by step instructions on how to apply.